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8 things to help you become an early riser

Getting up early in the morning has its benefits, the extra time early in the day provides an opportunity to prepare well to take on the  rest of the day. But today’s life style has made it difficult for many to avail of this benefit. But if at all you are interested to get up early, here are some things that may help you get up early.

1. The preparation of getting up early starts a day before. First thing is about food. Having a light meal at night helps you have a good nights sleep. It is also important that you have your meals at least a couple of hours before you hit the bed. If you have slept well, you will wake up refreshed and energized. Dinner should be the lightest of all meals of the day.

2. Get up at the same time every morning, but sleep only when you feel like going to sleep. But ensure that you avoid activities such as  watching TV, internet browsing or other things of interest to you, as this interest will make you sit up when you should be going to bed.

3. Know how much sleep you need and get that much sleep everyday. Sleeping less will make you feel drained, your mind will not be   fresh and chances are you will end up having a dull day. Some such people feel very energised at night instead, creating a bad sleep cycle.

4. Don’t keep the alarm at an arms length where you can shut it immediately and continue, instead ensure that it is at such a distance that you have to get up and shut it. Once on your feet, dont let any thoughts come to your mind, switch of your mind and go wash your face.

5. Have a early morning routine of things to do. Early morning is a good time to exercise, taking a walk or jogging, something that you want to do. Try and make this schedule interesting and joyful. This should make you look forward to getting up early, something you will miss if you don’t do.

6. Our body clocks are synchronised with the movement of the sun, if possible look at the sun just for a few seconds when it is rising, NOT when it has already risen, then it may be harmful to your eyes because of the UV rays.

7. Exercise regularly. There are two more benefits of exercising apart from a well built body. One, you enjoy your meals, two, you have a good nights sleep.

8. Keep your worries at bay once you are on your bed. Stress and worry are enemies of sleep, deliberately tell yourself that you will not like to think now and will take on things next day. Thank god for everything, do a small prayer if possible, it will help you relieve stress.

Hope some of it helps someone.