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Pitfalls to achieving goals

1. Not excited about your goal. If you are excited about what you have set for yourself, chances are you will make it as compared to when you are not. So do whatever it takes to make it more exciting and interesting. One of the things that you can do is to interact and share with people having a similar interest or goal.

2. You doubt whether you will make it at the onset. If to begin with you doubt whether you will be able to make it, chances are you will not. Self belief is the key ingredient to achieving your goal. If you are in the game you ought to tell yourself that there is every chance of you winning and that you will do whatever it takes to win. Doubt = failure.

3. Soon the excitement fizzles out. Post the initial high when you really wanted to make things happen, if you are not able to maintain the same level of interest as you had in the initial days, of course you run out of fuel before you reach your destination.

4. Giving up a little too soon. Desirable things have a cost in terms of the effort and other resources you put in. And sometimes after all the hard work too you are not there and you pant and say how much more to go before I get there.  Everyone who has worked on tough goals would know that it is something that each one has to go through. Many would leave it at that and give up, but some who make it through these toughest later parts are the ones who successfully realise their dreams.

5. Failing to plan.You wanted to get there but did not plan how. You drifted and did not take note before you were way way off the direction. Planning and tracking are not just management terminology, this is something necessary for anything that you are serious about doing. Business houses will be out of business if they don’t do it and as individuals we will not realise anything either.

6. Trying to chew more than what you can eat. One day you are all excited and try to fix every ill in your life. You sit down and list all the things that you want to do. Big bang approaches like these don’t work. They say, ‘You can eat an elephant if you eat it in pieces’. So what is necessary is to see what can be achieved realistically and then plan and prioritise.