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Habits can change

New Year is here, and so are the new year resolutions that we make every year, only to be forgotten till another new year comes. For some it is a part of the new year festivities and as the festivities die, so do the resolutions. But this year can be different, you can make your resolutions and also keep them. To your help is a new website getgoaling.com that helps you make your resolutions online and also track whether you are able to keep them. Breaking away with habit patterns that you would like to do away with or introduce new healthy habits in ones lifestyle is not easy for most as it takes both determination and persistence to change existing lifestyle patterns. People want to change because they are not happy the way things are, but until there is real steely resolve to precipitate that change, the whole thing just remains wishful thinking.

Habits are things which are a part of our system, one does not need to think and then do it, it is intuitive and happens automatically. But giving up old habit patters and forming new ones is not entirely impossible. Remember when you started learning how to drive a car, for every move that you made in the car you had to first think about it and then try and do it. It was difficult initially, wasnt it. But when you kept trying, the difficulty level started falling and came to such a level that eventually it became something that you started enjoying, it no more remained a chore it once was. Eventually every effort pays back with the joy of having accomplished what you started of with. This constant pursuit should be a part of each ones lives, because there are always thingw we can improve upon,  but don’t wait for new year’s wakeup call, every day is an opportunity. Hope you make some good resolutions this year and keep them too.