SMART goal setting

When setting a goal you should try and evaluate your goal on the following parameters, know as SMART  where each alphabet stands for:

S – specific : The goal should be unambigous and clear. It should lead to just one common understanding of what is being attempted.

M – measurable: The goal should have a measure which allows you to see where you are w.r.t attaining your goal, so that you know wether you are lagging behind and need to put more effort or you are on track.

A – achievable: The goal should be such, that with your personal or team skills and knowledge, is something that can be achieved with a little streching if required, not something that is more or less given is not possible to achieve.

R – relevant : The goal should be something which adds value to a bigger goal or your life.

T – time bound : The goal  should have a deadline, by when you should target to complete it. Putting a binding on time also brings in a sense of urgency and enthusiasm towards achieving the goal, which helps a lot.

It is a recommended approach for setting a comprehensive goal, so all smart people should try to use the SMART goal setting criteria.

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