Whats new for year 2009

Every new year brings with it a hope for better tomorrow. New resolutions are made, some are kept some forgotten. But is not every day an opportunity for us to make new beginnings, to exploit our infinite potential and to be what we really want to be and do what we really want to do. Of course it is. What is needed is an honest resolve, a promise to yourself that you are determined to keep.
Getgoaling.com is a web site which assists people who want to make and keep promises they made to themselves. The objective of getgoaling is to provide a tool to define and structure your goals using action plans and to provide a mechanism to track your progress regularly. This kind of mechanism reinforces upon you the need to get back to the tasks in case you are not able to make through your action plans.
Your goals can be kept private, shared with a select few or be public keeping your privacy needs in consideration. Sharing what you are doing with your colleagues, friends, mentors builds accountability and eventually helps you accomplish your goals. These people can view your progress and advice and encourage you. For the goals which you have made public, people can view your comments and learn from your experience.
You can tag your goal with relevant keywords so that people who are interested to learn from your experience can find it easily.
You have the option to track your progress either daily or weekly and in case you do not want to track things daily, that is fine too. In case you set a daily or weekly tracking option, you can enter journal entries for each day or week as the case may be. For your daily action plans there is a calendar format report showing you how you are doing on your action plans providing you an opportunity to analyse what is going right and what is not.
As per gurus on goal setting, writing down your goals helps more than when you just keep it in mind, and revisiting it regularly by way of measuring how you are doing is like adding fuel to you aspiration to achieve your goal. So it is always better to follow a method to improve your chances of succeeding on you mission.
So, whether you are a student preparing for your entrance exam, someone who aspires to participate in the marathon run in you city next time or just someone who would like to take good care of himself by going to gym regularly and eating healthy food, all can benefit by using the site. All the best for your future endeavors and a happy new year.

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