8 ways to find happiness

Everyone wants to find happiness in life.  But it would be good to understand happiness as a way of living your life rather than an end to achieve. For if you associate your happiness to just a few achievements in your life, then you are  letting go the enormous  number of opportunities that come to you every minute. So if you are in pursuit of happiness, here is my not so secret list of things to make everyone happy.

1. Healthy mind and body: Health is wealth. One cannot enjoy life if one is not healthy, and health here does not mean physical health alone, it also means a healthy mind. A healthy mind should not be cluttered, confused, jealous, bitter, angry and so on. So it is better to be organised,  forgiving, not compare yourself with others and such things.

2. Do things you enjoy: Identify and list things that bring you joy. These are things you already do and you know they bring you happiness. Cooking a dish of your choice, gardening, going for swim, dinner with friends, or just listening to music of choice with your eyes closed. 
3. Develop new interests: New things are exiting, they help you develop a new perspective, provide a different experience, helps build confidence. Evaluate what other things you can try your hand at and if you like, jump into it.

4. Healthy relationships: The biggest cause of all unhappiness is differences we have with other people. A few things you can do here are, to forgive, to forget, or work to mend the the differences. Though these things are easier said than done, but trying is the only hope.

5. Work should be fun:Work is big part of our lives, make sure that you enjoy your work and your workplace. Unlike your family which you cannot change, work is something that you can make a     choice about. Though recession is not the right time to experiment with your job, but it is a good idea when you can afford to, to find the right job and the right workplace for yourself.

6. Help others: You must have helped others in the past, think how you felt then. It is natural to feel happy to help others in need, do it more often, it helps improve your self worth.

7. Live in the present moment: Somebody said ‘Life happens to you when you are planning for other things’.  People who live in the present moment are happier than those who live in the past or future. Children, the happiest of the lot live in present, they immediately forget the fights they have amongst themselves and start playing again.

8. Lastly, promise you will always be happy: Be determined, make a promise to your self, come what may, you will always be happy, you will fight all odds smiling, if god wants to test you, so be it.

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