Feature updates dated 26th May 09

Below is the mail I had sent to the get goaling community on 26th May.


Hope you are doing fine. Just wanted to update you about the latest changes made and features added to Get Goaling in case you have not visited us lately. Here is the list of updates for you :

1. A more user friendly to do list, with task views for today, tomorrow, yesterday, next 7 days and overdue tasks.  Each of these views can be printed.

2. Reminder service for goals, to set daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly reminders.

3. Goal sheet can be printed.

4. Limited sharing of goals with friends has been simplified with introduction of the concept of ‘friends’.

5. The interface for viewing and logging comments has been simplified.

6. Goal chest has been made more powerful. You can initiate the following actions from the goal chest:
 »  Write comments
 »  Update percentage completion
 »  Set reminder
 »  Tag goals
 »  Close goal
    Window for doing the above 5 things opens in the goal chest itself, making it easier to use.
 »  Adding an action plan
 »  Editing a goal

In case you have any feedback about the site, we would be grateful if you would spare a moment to share it with us.

Thank you for being a part of Get Goaling!
The Get Goaling team

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