The rubik cube experience

An urdu poet once said ‘kabhi kisi ko mukkamal jahan nahin milta’ meaning, nobody gets a world which is complete with all one wishes for. Well, is this not something that keeps each one of us going, if we already had everything we wished for what would we be working towards, life would cease to be exciting. How we address each day is really a function of the distance we are from what we think is our complete world, the ‘mukkamal jahan’.
       A couple of days back I had been to my sister’s place. My nephew was playing with the rubik cube, trying to solve it. I have never played with one, forget about solving it. When he was done playing with it, I grabbed the opportunity to put the cubes in place. It was quite a frustrating experience, but with some persistence I was able to have one of the sides of the cube in the same color. But I knew that the game is not about solving one side of the cube, but solving the whole cube, and I also knew that in an effort to solve the other sides of it, I would loose the one side I was able to solve. I could correlate the situation to our lives, where each one of us was trying to get to our perfectly solved rubik cubes. Where an attempt to set one thing straight invariably affected something else, being successful professionally  meant sacrificing the time and attention our family needed, our health needed.
      But I know that rubik cubes can be solved, some people can solve it in less that 30 seconds. They know the algorithms, which help solve the problem, they know the order in which to proceed. So are their some algorithms to solve some of our life’s problems too. Well, life is much more complex than a rubik cube and there may not be some straight forward algorithms to get to any easy solutions. But one thing that we can learn from a rubik cube is that we cannot expect to solve it in a haphazard way. That way we will keep on trying without ever solving the problem. We will end up in frustration, reaching no better place than where we started from. There have to be some algorightms, some methods, specific to each one of us to reach somewhere better than where we are, somewhere closer to our mukkamal jahan. The only way for us is to find our algorithms and give up our haphazard ways.

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