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Lose weight online, no tips though

There are various products available for people looking to lose weight. There are books, pills, diet plans, weight loss programmes and the list can just go on. After all everyone wants to be fit, look great and feel wonderful. Now weight loss does not have quick and easy answers, and requires ones commitment and discipline over an extended period of time to a regimen which will hopefully get them to healthier selves.
Even if you know the best ways to achieve your ideal weight, the rigor with which you have to continue is a challenge, and this is where getgoaling can help. So we decided to show how you can use getgoaling to achieve your weight loss goal, online.

1. Set your ultimate or long term weight loss goal and create a goal using getgoaling which would be something like ”To reduce my weight from the current 90kgs to 68kgs by May 31st 2010″

2. Create sub-goals as action plans. Though action plans are meant to put actionables but here we instead use it as sub goals. We have deliberately avoided sub-goals to keep things simple. So you shall have action plans such as below:

“Reduce 5 kgs by January 31 2010 to weigh: 85Kgs”
“Reduce 4 kgs by Feb 28 2010 to weigh: 81Kgs”

“Reduce 4 kgs by Apr 30 2010 to weigh: 68Kgs”

How much you want to reduce or can reduce each month is for you to decide, but the idea is to set  monthly targets, achieving which can help you move towards your ultimate goal of getting to 68 Kgs. Also you don’t need to set all these action plans in one go. Set action plan only for the first month. Once you achieve that, mark it done. Then add action plan for the next month. This will ensure that you don’t clutter the screen with things you are only going to do in future and not now.

Now comes the turn of real actionables, such as regular exercise, diet, tab on calorie intake etc. So you can create an Action plan as “Go for 40 minutes walk every morning”.  Creating action plans has multiple advantages, one, it puts in place all those things that you intend to do, giving you a complete picture. Then it enables you to use the hit or miss function and journal. I would explain this with an example. For your weight loss goal you create two actionables, one, to exercise daily, two, to watch what you eat daily. For exercise you can use hit or miss to see your compliance levels. Hit or miss is very simple record of whether you did something you planned or not. The system shows your compliance levels, say 70% you exercised and 30% times you skipped. This helps you reflect on your own commitment when you look back and the reasons why you may not have achieved your goal. Journals is another tool which helps you to record something regularly and then you can look back and reflect, assess and act based on how you have been doing on the actionable.

3. SMART goals use measurements to record your progress. You can record your weight weekly or monthly and see a line graph of your weight movements. This helps you see if you are on track or running behind. It also shows the average, min and max weight over a time period.

4. It is always good to build some excitement and support while you are working towards your goal. And what would be better than sharing it with your friends and colleagues with whom you can share and discuss your weight loss goals. This requires you to invite a friend to join getgoaling. When that person joins getgoaling, he/she can interact with you. This helps build support for you and also gets you more serious towards your goal attainment as sharing your goal increases your accountability. 

This whole exercise keeps you focused and motivated towards working on your goal and provides you an opportunity to see how you can overcome any obstacles that hinder your progress.