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Feature updates dated 26th May 09

Below is the mail I had sent to the get goaling community on 26th May.


Hope you are doing fine. Just wanted to update you about the latest changes made and features added to Get Goaling in case you have not visited us lately. Here is the list of updates for you :

1. A more user friendly to do list, with task views for today, tomorrow, yesterday, next 7 days and overdue tasks.  Each of these views can be printed.

2. Reminder service for goals, to set daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly reminders.

3. Goal sheet can be printed.

4. Limited sharing of goals with friends has been simplified with introduction of the concept of ‘friends’.

5. The interface for viewing and logging comments has been simplified.

6. Goal chest has been made more powerful. You can initiate the following actions from the goal chest:
 »  Write comments
 »  Update percentage completion
 »  Set reminder
 »  Tag goals
 »  Close goal
    Window for doing the above 5 things opens in the goal chest itself, making it easier to use.
 »  Adding an action plan
 »  Editing a goal

In case you have any feedback about the site, we would be grateful if you would spare a moment to share it with us.

Thank you for being a part of Get Goaling!
The Get Goaling team

New version of todo list introduced

To do list has been redesigned to make it more user friendly. A lot of interactivity has been introduced by using AJAX so that the whole page does not require a refresh. That should make it a little more fast. A few more features have been added too. Now you can also choose to view your todo lists for today, tomorrow, yesterday, next 7 days or overdue tasks by choosing from a drop down. You can also take a printout of your list for each of these options. Though you are free to use it the way you like it, but here is how I would recommend that you may use it.

Use the online todo list and the printouts in tandem. If there are tasks in your online todo list for today, take a print out. The list has two columns, Status and Task. You would most often take today’s printout and carry on the tasks, so lets take that example. The printout would have a list of all the tasks for today and a status column which is blank that you would fill according to the status of the task. Now lets see how we use the status column on the printout:
1. In case you are done with the task you will make a tick mark as you usually do.
2. In case you decide to postponse it to another date, enter the new date in the status column.
3. In case you delegate the task to someone else, you can enter his or her name in it and date by which to checkback with him on the task status.
4. In case you don’t need to do the task any more, write CANCELLED.

That takes care of most situtations. The printout has 7 additional blank rows which you can use to add any more tasks for the day or any future date. Tasks for future dates can be updated to the online todo list once at the end of the day and the status of other tasks can be updated as well. Hope the new design helps.