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The rubik cube experience

An urdu poet once said ‘kabhi kisi ko mukkamal jahan nahin milta’ meaning, nobody gets a world which is complete with all one wishes for. Well, is this not something that keeps each one of us going, if we already had everything we wished for what would we be working towards, life would cease to be exciting. How we address each day is really a function of the distance we are from what we think is our complete world, the ‘mukkamal jahan’.
       A couple of days back I had been to my sister’s place. My nephew was playing with the rubik cube, trying to solve it. I have never played with one, forget about solving it. When he was done playing with it, I grabbed the opportunity to put the cubes in place. It was quite a frustrating experience, but with some persistence I was able to have one of the sides of the cube in the same color. But I knew that the game is not about solving one side of the cube, but solving the whole cube, and I also knew that in an effort to solve the other sides of it, I would loose the one side I was able to solve. I could correlate the situation to our lives, where each one of us was trying to get to our perfectly solved rubik cubes. Where an attempt to set one thing straight invariably affected something else, being successful professionally  meant sacrificing the time and attention our family needed, our health needed.
      But I know that rubik cubes can be solved, some people can solve it in less that 30 seconds. They know the algorithms, which help solve the problem, they know the order in which to proceed. So are their some algorithms to solve some of our life’s problems too. Well, life is much more complex than a rubik cube and there may not be some straight forward algorithms to get to any easy solutions. But one thing that we can learn from a rubik cube is that we cannot expect to solve it in a haphazard way. That way we will keep on trying without ever solving the problem. We will end up in frustration, reaching no better place than where we started from. There have to be some algorightms, some methods, specific to each one of us to reach somewhere better than where we are, somewhere closer to our mukkamal jahan. The only way for us is to find our algorithms and give up our haphazard ways.

8 things to help you become an early riser

Getting up early in the morning has its benefits, the extra time early in the day provides an opportunity to prepare well to take on the  rest of the day. But today’s life style has made it difficult for many to avail of this benefit. But if at all you are interested to get up early, here are some things that may help you get up early.

1. The preparation of getting up early starts a day before. First thing is about food. Having a light meal at night helps you have a good nights sleep. It is also important that you have your meals at least a couple of hours before you hit the bed. If you have slept well, you will wake up refreshed and energized. Dinner should be the lightest of all meals of the day.

2. Get up at the same time every morning, but sleep only when you feel like going to sleep. But ensure that you avoid activities such as  watching TV, internet browsing or other things of interest to you, as this interest will make you sit up when you should be going to bed.

3. Know how much sleep you need and get that much sleep everyday. Sleeping less will make you feel drained, your mind will not be   fresh and chances are you will end up having a dull day. Some such people feel very energised at night instead, creating a bad sleep cycle.

4. Don’t keep the alarm at an arms length where you can shut it immediately and continue, instead ensure that it is at such a distance that you have to get up and shut it. Once on your feet, dont let any thoughts come to your mind, switch of your mind and go wash your face.

5. Have a early morning routine of things to do. Early morning is a good time to exercise, taking a walk or jogging, something that you want to do. Try and make this schedule interesting and joyful. This should make you look forward to getting up early, something you will miss if you don’t do.

6. Our body clocks are synchronised with the movement of the sun, if possible look at the sun just for a few seconds when it is rising, NOT when it has already risen, then it may be harmful to your eyes because of the UV rays.

7. Exercise regularly. There are two more benefits of exercising apart from a well built body. One, you enjoy your meals, two, you have a good nights sleep.

8. Keep your worries at bay once you are on your bed. Stress and worry are enemies of sleep, deliberately tell yourself that you will not like to think now and will take on things next day. Thank god for everything, do a small prayer if possible, it will help you relieve stress.

Hope some of it helps someone.

Overcome procrastination, NOW is the time.

Many people have the habit of putting things off for another day. Though sometimes it is necessary for us to re-plan things, but when such things happen for no good reason then it is time for us to evaluate whether we too are mildly afflicted by the habit of procrastination. Below is my take on why we procrastinate, how this habit impacts us and what we can do to overcome it.

Why we procrastinate

  • A number of people have the tendency to not do things until their priority changes from normal to urgent, we are used to taking things lightly.
  • Some of us are plain simple forgetful, so when there is time and opportunity to finish the task we are doing something else, wasteful or otherwise.
  • Sometimes that little hitch to do a task which has some level of difficulty or unpleasantness to it makes us put off the task for some other day. We are not the ones who take challenges head on and be done and over with.


How it affects us

  • When we have more things on our mind  that have to be done, it generally increases anxiety. This also affects our focus on the task we are onto affecting our performance.
  • We may miss opportunities, pay penalties in case we put things off till such time that the opportunity of doing the thing is lost.  Also when we do things at the last minute, it does not bring out the best in us, leading to a job not done even to our own satisfaction.
  • It creates a poor impression in case we are generally seen as a procrastinator.
  • It takes more time in managing tasks than would otherwise be required had we done the task at the earlies rather than put it off.


How to overcome procrastination

  • Realize that you have a tendency to procrastinate that you would like to do away with hence will take further actions in that direction.  Set it as your goal and then try and follow some of the things listed below as applicable to you.
  • When evaluating a task for scheduling, ask what is the next earliest opportunity for you to do that task, instead of thinking that there is still a lot of time before it really needs to be done. Schedule the task immediately for such a date and time
  • If you are forgetful, use to do lists and schedule your tasks before they slip out of you mind. Ensure that you prioritize tasks as per their importance and urgency. Ensure not to re-prioritize the tasks more than twice.
  • Planning personal tasks is a passive activity as compared to actually doing them. People who generally suffer from lethargy would find it difficult to overcome procrastination as their body and mind are not active enough to get into action. Such people will have to start two steps earlier by first setting their mind body system in place by leading an active life style.

So, lets not put off attacking procrastination to some other day, lets do it right away, set it as your goal. All the best.